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UK Foreign Office (eBritish Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Cheers 'muckers and heres to a great term under the Appleby administration!
AMD here, glad to be back at the helm once again. Now, first of all an introduction.

Minister of Defence and Foreign Affairs
Keeping me and HMS David Attenborough Boaty in shape this month will be Sir Jimmy Saville, looking over the department and giving his two cents whenever he can be bothered.

The face of our Foreign Affairs

And performing all the Grunt work this term and ritually spamming every MoFA and CP and Dictator in the game, yours truly, Aaron Mark Daniels, Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Now that introductions are out the way, to business.

Anyone who wants to get involved in our totally cool inclusive government as a deputy in the MoFA, send me a witty application and a photo, and I will consider all takers!

Anyone who wants to be an ambassador and be shipped off to report on some nation somewhere, contact myself, Jimmy or Appleby for a placement!

Case studies will be coming soon, so watch this space...

Aaron Whats a case study?
IDK fam.

Thank you UK, keep fighting and waiting on that valuable information, and heres to a great term