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Voice of Asteria

Boletin de AAEE

Informator MSZ

Worlds of eGermany

Voice of Asteria (Asteria HQ)

Hello citizens of the New World,

On February 11, 2014, Asteria was born.3 years later we are strong as ever and we plan to do so for many years to come.

On this special day we would like to thank our friends, our allies, the people that work on the strategy of the alliance, to those who monitor battles ,to those posting COs, to those negotiating, to those keeping in touch with our partners, to those writing in the alliance channels, to those that have the patience to read through more than 1000 messages in a couple of hours when we have campaigns, to those who burn their bars so that we win, to those who send the orders to MUs, to those communicating to the citizens of all countries, to those who follow the priorities, to those willing to spend everything, to those who make our plans stronger, to those starting RWs, to those working to produce goods needed to burn in wars, to everyone that hits in important battles, to those willing to spend their nights and days in order to succeed, to every citizen of all Asteria countries.

Together we are Asteria !